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Volume 6, Number 2, 89-167, April-June (2013)

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RJC, 6(2), 89-96, 2013

Keywords: Hydroxamic acids, polydentate ligands, octahedral complexes, magnetic moment..

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RJC, 6(2), 97-101, 2013

Keywords: Pitzer Model, Activity Coefficient, Osmotic Coefficient, Debye- Huckel Theory, Dielectric Constant, Eigen Tomm Ion Pair Mechanism (ETIPM).

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RJC, 6(2), 111-116, 2013

Keywords: Ultrasonic interferometer, Adiabatic compressibility, Acoustic, molecular interaction.

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RJC, 6(2), 117-121, 2013

Keywords: Atenolol, Impurity, Synthesis.

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RJC, 6(2), 122-133, 2013

Keywords: Nano-silica, Rubber, Morphology, Mechanical properties, microstructure characterization.

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RJC, 6(2), 134-137, 2013

Keywords: Sauropus androgynous, antibacterial activity, Klebsiella pneumonia, Salmonella typhimurium.

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RJC, 6(2), 138-142, 2013

Keywords: Hepta-O-acetyl maltosyl bromide, aryl thiocarbamides, arylisothiocarbamides, antimicrobial evaluation.

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RJC, 6(2), 143-146, 2013

Keywords: Dithiazolidine, thiocarbamide, dithiazolidine, Mass spectral analysis, antimicrobial activity.

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RJC, 6(2),147-152, 2013

Keywords: 4-Hydroxy coumarin, Derivative of aniline, diazotization, Antibacterial activity.

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RJC, 6(2), 153-157, 2013

Keywords: Zea mays, dairy effluent, height, yield.

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RJC, 6(2), 158-160, 2013

Keywords: bis (acetato) boron arylazonapthol, tetracoordinated boron, Bi-coordinated azo ligand, terminally coordinated acetato groups.

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RJC, 6(2), 161-163, 2013

Keywords: Ternary complexes, Transition metal ions, nicotinic acid, ascorbic acid, aspartic acid and glutamic acid.

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RJC, 6(2), 164-167, 2013

Keywords: Viscosity, Excess molar volume (VE), Enthalpy, Solubility, Molecular interaction.

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